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Welcome. I am Charlene Hutsebaut.
I am a wellness coach, personal trainer, speaker and pilates instructor.
I am happiest & most fulfilled when I am serving, inspiring and motivating someone like you to discover how you feel best in your body. Are you ready to feel better?
Check out the ways we can connect & collaborate on your health, fitness and wellness.

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One to One & Groups

Wellness Masterminds

NEW GROUP STARTING SOON This small private online group will help to empower you to make better lifestyle choices through motivation & accountability in a shared supportive effort with those wanting to do the same. ...

Personal Training & Pilates

Collaborate on your health and fitness with experienced, embodied and inspiring personal trainer and pilates instructor Charlene Hutsebaut. Enjoy motivating, fun and personally tailored workouts in the luxurious St. Pancras Spa, studios around London, your ...

Corporate Wellness

Charlene has energised groups in major London corporations, members clubs, networking groups as well as medical centers in Canada. She is a sought after speaker in both the private and fitness sectors because of her ...

What people say…

"Charlene really got me started, with her unfailing optimism and encouragement and completely non-judgmental attitude, and of course her amazing teaching skills and expertise. I still hear her lovely Canadian voice in my head when I think of ‘not bothering’, so her influence has been as lasting as it was instrumental."

Kirsten G. Business Management Consultant

Online Fitness & Coaching

Wellness Coaching Package

Small Changes can make Big Impacts!!! Wellness coaching is a powerful process to empower you to make healthy lifestyle choices & implement weekly practices to get you feeling fit and fabulous in your body, mind ...

Start feeling fit & fabulous in just 8 weeks!

Online Fitness Made Easy! Want to feel better, increase your energy and be that fit, healthy person you have always wanted to be? This ultimate guide contains obvious and not-so-obvious best practices to start moving ...

Get Fit at Work!

Join me for this fantastic library of office workouts you can do anywhere & health tip videos to help you enhance how you feel & perform each day whether this is at work, in your favourite sport ...

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“I love Charlene’s enthusiasm! She gives really practical info.”
Jacquie Boyd Coleman – Director | Beattie Communications
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